What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a service that brings together travelers and ordinary residents who rent out their apartments.

Why do travelers prefer to stay with unknown people in apartments rather than in hotels. For different reasons. Sometimes renting an apartment is cheaper than staying at a hotel. Especially if you are traveling in three or four. To rent a two-room apartment is much cheaper than two rooms in a hotel.

And sometimes it’s difficult to choose a hotel that will meet the requirements, for example, the presence of a kitchen. Renting an apartment, you get a unique experience - as a rule, the owners are very welcoming, and try to give you the maximum information and useful tips on how to spend time. You have a real opportunity to live a couple of days as an ordinary resident of the city - in the early morning ride a bicycle to a nearby pastry shop, buy fresh pastries, prepare breakfast, sit with a cup of coffee on the balcony, etc.

The service allows you to rent a private apartment or a room in an apartment or house without intermediaries. Then you will spend part of the time with the owners. There are also unusual accommodation options - a farmhouse, ocean bungalows, mountain chalets, and even castles.

Earn and spend money on Airbnb! Get up to $ 15 for each friend you invite.

Send your friends an invitation email on Airbnb or share an invitation link on social networks. Friends will receive a discount of up to $ 28 on their first booking, and you will receive $ 15 for everyone who makes a trip under the terms of the promotion. The available bonus will appear on the payment page.