KickEX Referral Program is super easy: just share your link & earn!

What is KickEX Referral Program?

KickEX Referral Program is a multi-level referral system with 10 levels. It allows to get a personal unique link to invite traders to KickEX and build multi-level networks to earn referral rewards from the traders invited directly and the traders they invite on the next levels all the way down to the 10th level.

The referral program allows you to build up your own multi-level network that benefits you and all the people you invite to join. At that, no upfront contributions are needed. These people can be your friends, family members or even strangers who just used your referral invitation link. They could be friends of your friends to the 10th level down the familiarity tree, but however distant they would be from you, you’ll get a part of the commission they will pay to KickEX. That way, you will benefit not only from your own direct actions, but also from the actions of individuals that you referred.

KickEX Referral reward

Each trading fee paid by the referred users on KickEX will produce a corresponding reward for you based on your referral levelReferral rewards are credited immediately to the involved referrers’ accounts in the currency used in the trading fee.

How does it work?

After registering in the program each user receives a unique link which is used for inviting users to the system. Based on these unique links, the system records the referral connections on who invited whom to calculate and distribute the referral rewards generated by the users when they pay for services. There are 10 levels in the system, which means that the referral connections go down to 10th level, where the level determines the percentage of rewards for each referral level: the further down in the referral structure, the lower the rewards percentage, but more people due to multi-level marketing effect. 

Why start now?

Early users get substantial advantages over those who join later, such as:

  1. The sooner you join - the bigger your network, the higher your position in the system, which results in higher earnings.
  2. Participate in KickEX Referral Program Early Start and earn for referring users to KickEX, while you build your network.

How do rewards in the program get generated and credited?

Each time a user makes a payment, i.e. pays a trading fee on KickEX, a part of it goes  to the referrers that stand higher in the 10 level structure according to the referral levels reward percentage. The referral rewards are credited immediately to all referrers involved in the structure in currency used by the referral while paying the trading fee.